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Leasing of Railway Wagons

The company is able to arrange a long-term leasing of commonly used cargo wagons as follows:

  • high-sided cargo wagons of common construction designated  for transport of bulk and general cargo, for instance of Eas – type,
  • open wagons of special construction as for instance of Fals – type, designated for transport of loose bulk cargo,
  • tank wagons, for instance of Zas – type,
  • bogie platform wagons of common construction designated for transport of long-size and general shipments, not requiring to be protected  against the weather influence, as for instance  of  Res or Regs – type,
  • bogie platform wagons for transport of containers, as for instance of Sgss, Sgs – type,
  • as well  as other series of wagons depending on customers´ requirements.

The above mentioned wagons comply with the requirements of international railway operation and their parameters will fully satisfy all demands of our customers.