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Private Sidings´ Services

The company offers a packet of private sidings services, i.e. providing for a complete care of a particular private siding as well as providing of a proper private siding operation regarding the operation, transport and legislation as follows:

  • Transport at the private siding rail systems,
  • Technical maintenance of all rail system elements,
  • Organizing the traffic at the private siding,
  • Other activities in accordance with legislation in force.

The company offers a scope of private siding services as follows:

Connecting operation – shunting of wagons from the state railway network to the handing-over spot according to the customer’s schedule requirements.

Private siding transport – shunting of wagons from the handing-over spot to the handling spots at the private siding as well as shunting at the private siding. The scope of private siding operation will be fixed in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

Private siding operation - private siding maintenance, carrying out of constructive and maintenance supervisions, organizing of transport at a private siding, supervision on respecting of Slovak legislation in force – development of appropriate regulations required for private siding operation, meeting all exigencies in accordance with the legislative regulations valid in the Slovak Republic.

Other private siding services - ordering of railway wagons, labelling and sealing of wagons, issuing of transport documents, consultations regarding private siding services, providing of personnel and technology for carrying out of private siding performance.

Our company also offers a partial outsourcing based exclusively on the customers´ requirements (consulting service, providing of personnel and technology).


What Can be Achieved by Outsourcing of Private Siding Services?

  • Simplifying of administrative procedures and technological fastidiousness of production process.
  • Improved possibility to focus on the core business of your company.
  • A complete service in an above standard quality.
  • Time-harmonized operation of private siding services in accordance with your requirements.
  • Environmentally friendly and safe operation.
  • Maximum flexibility.
  • Simplified contact with transport carriers.
  • Having a reliable and experienced partner.